Бастия 2009 Ананд-Карпов

The Match of World Champions at Bastia and Ajaccio


Vishy Anand  / Anatoly Karpov
The World Champion, the lndian Vishy Anand, will face a Chess legend, the Russian, Anatoly Karpov, several times World Champion.
At Bastia October 31th, and then at Ajaccio November 2nd, the players will play two return matches at the time control of 15'+3" by move.
Exceptionally for players of such a high level, their games will be commented without the aid of headphones. The analysis, which will be directed towards the hundreds of youngsters in attendance for this great spectacle, can also be heard by all the public. Experienced players will be able to follow a more technical commentary with headphones.

Ананд - Карпов 3.5-0.5

Anand,V (2788) - Karpov,A (2619) [D31]
Rapid Match Corsica FRA (1), 31.10.2009



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