Как то тихо прошел очередной матч Каспаров-Шорт.

Kasparov won the match by a single point.  It was a match that was full of mistakes, but more importantly, excitement.  Every game was full of fight as both opponents went after each other, tooth nail and tongs, simultaneously throwing dust in their opponents eyes while they stomped through the mud.  A very exciting match.  The openings were a feast in and of themselves.  Nigel pulled out his Italian game twice with an Evans Gambit and a Two Knights Defense.  Although he did not fare well from a sporting perspective with these two openings, he also played and took Gary apart in a King’s Gambit.  All of the games were full of chances for both contestants and a close score was fully deserving which ever way the match fell.

Каспаров-Шорт 2011

Победа Гарика 4.5-3.5 выглядит неубедительной. Постарела монстра.
И уж черными его в 1.e4 b5 ( с небольшой перестановкой) наверно никто раньше не драл.
Течение партии отдаленно навеяло бессмертную партию Чесстайгер-Маэстро Волопассоф на ИШФ