The first round of the European Individual Women Chess Championship started at 4 p.m. in the Anatolian Hotel in Gaziantep. The first games appeared to be not easy ones for the favourites and the first round has already brought some surprising results. The first day became unfortunate for Georgian top women players as the second number of the starting list Nana Dzagnidze was defeated by WIM Gulnar Mammadova, as well as another top player Bela Khotenashvili who lost the game against Inna Ivakhinova.

The rating favorite Anna Muzychuk could have lost her game as well but was lucky to survive against Russian player Anastasia Savina, who got winning position but let her advantage slip away in the time trouble. Her sister Mariya Muzychuk, as well as another Ukrainian top-player Katerina Lahno, played against Mamedjarova's sisters from Azerbaijan but could not take more than 50% as well. The most of other rating favorites managed to win in the first round.

Газиантеп 2012 Надежда

Гурамишвили -Н.Косинцева

2r4k/1p5p/3p2bP/3Pp3/5r2/PR3P2/7R/4KB2 b - - 0 34

34... Rd4? (Как правильно указывают на Чесс-Ньюз, хорошие шансы на победу давало 34... Rc1+ 35. Kf2 Be4 36. Be2 Bxd5 37. Rd3 Rc5 38. Rh1 e4 39. Rd4 Rf5)
а так вся концовка у черных без короля 35. Rhb2 Rxd5 36. Rxb7 Rdc5 37. Bh3 Re8 38. Bd7 Rg8 39. Be6 Re8 40. Rb8 Rc1+
41. Kf2 Rc2+ 42. Rxc2 Rxb8 43. Rd2 Rf8 44. Rxd6 e4 45. a4 Rxf3+ 46. Ke1 Rf8 47.
a5 e3 48. a6 Bd3 49. Rxd3 Rf1+ 50. Kxf1 e2+ 51. Kg2 1-0