Шахматные Новости

From December 28th 2010 to January 6th 2011 the 53rd edition of the international chess tournament "Torneo di Capodanno" will be played in Reggio Emilia. Free day is on January 1st and opening ceremony takes place on December 28th, morning. Games starting daily from 14:30. The tournament will be played at hotel Astoria Mercure.

53rd event in succession is probably one of the records for a Fide closed tournament, beside Hastings.

Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2754
Sergei Movsesian SVK 2723
David Navara CZE 2722
Vugar Gashimov AZE 2719
Alexander Morozevich RUS 2700
Fabiano Caruana ITA 2700
Francisco Vallejo Pons ESP 2697
Nigel Short ENG 2690
Alexander Onischuk USA 2688
Michele Godena ITA 2551

Women’s World Chess Championship 2010 will be held from 2nd to 25th December in Hatay, Turkey. 64 players qualified for the knockout matches which will produce a World Champion after six rounds of play. All matches are taking place over two days (two classical games) plus another day for rapid tiebreaks, except the final match which will be decided after four games.

Суперфинал чемпионата России по шахматам среди мужчин пройдет в Москве, в Центральном доме шахматиста с 10 по 22 декабря.

В турнире принимают участие чемпион страны Александр Грищук (2771), Сергей Карякин (2760), Дмитрий Яковенко (2726), Петр Свидлер (2722), Ян Непомнящий (2722), Владимир Малахов (2720),  Никита Витюгов (2709), Евгений Томашевский (2699), Игорь Курносов (2676), Вадим Звягинцев (2676), Денис Хисматуллин (2659) и Владимир Поткин (2646).

Турнир проходит по круговой системе. Контроль времени – 90 минут на первые 40 ходов, затем 30 минут до конца партии с 30 секундным добавлением.

Игровые дни – 11-16 и 18-22 декабря. Начало каждого тура – в 15.00, начало последнего тура – в 12.00.

16-24 октября 2010

24 players over 2700 ELO will participate in the 2010 European Chess Club Cup. Top rated participant is GM Levon Aronian (2783) who will play on board 1 for MIKA Yerevan. A few days are left before the finalization of the lists, for now a total of 115 GMs, 57 IMs, 40 FMs, and 214 titled players have signed up for the strongest club event of the year, equivalent to the Champions league in football.
The strongest team is the newly formed SOCAR Azerbaijan with average ELO of 2732. Five of their top boards are in the 2700 club - GM Mamedyarov, GM Grischuk, GM Shirov, and GM Radjabov. The team is completed by the ex world champion GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov and the Azeibarjan stars GM Mamedov and GM Safarli

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